[well, look what the hamster dragged in]


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[03.10.02] ::sigh:: BUSY week. SUPER-busy. First, I'm slaving on a guest page for Kern. Next is evil home*, but I think I can do something.
[02.17.02] Re-wove the tables a bit. 2 comics tomorrow, since I was not able to do one for today. Happy?
[02.16.02] Well, I think I'm done with the site for today. Maybe I'll re-weave a few tables, but that's all. Not sure if there's a comic tomorrow: Gonna push myself in front of the TV and try to draw it. I never thought HTML would be able to tire me out this much, but alas, it did.
[02.16.02] As you can see, I started a new chapter. Wee. The comic count is reset for every chapter, so this is not number... Uh... 13? But number 1.
I've created a newsletter. If anyone wants to join, they can sign up here.

The name of the comic (Helen of Troy, California) and the abrivitation (HofT, CA) were made up by the wonderful Caius. Thanks a ton.
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And, I should warn you about my horrible spelling. Leave me a message somewhere, and I'll change it as soon as I can.
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